The EDGE ClubCard

The EDGE Clubcard

The EDGE ClubCard

Let this rewards program be Neoedge’s UNIQUE way to show appreciation for all of you, our valued customers who have repeatedly attended our events and have genuinely returned to continue your training journey with us.

The Edge ClubCard is the first loyalty programme in the events services industry.

With The Edge ClubCard, you will automatically get instant discounts on Course fees once you sign up, and redeem Hotel Accommodation and Airfare using your points.

Find out more about each Membership tier’s UNIQUE and EXCLUSIVE benefits for you to enjoy!

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In-House Training

At Neoedge, we customise the Agenda and tailor the topics according to your requirements.


Our programs are based on a modular structure which can be swapped out and replaced with others which are suitable for the clients’ needs. Alternatively, we can conceptualize “core” topics or subjects and work with the stakeholders to further refine the syllabus.

Our program are also fitted to our clients’ schedule so that they will never have to worry about spending time during their peak periods for continuous professional development.

Clients always dictate when our program are to be held and not the other way round.


We assign a corporate learning specialist and the facilitator who will connect to the various stakeholders on finding out their specific learning objectives before the programme’s commencement.

This is to ensure that we deliver what the client wants rather than what is “off-the-shelf”. This continues even after the program ends to ensure that the objectives are met and to evaluate if there is a need for continued education.


On top of the above, clients get to enjoy substantial savings for in-house solutions without suffering a drop in the quality of the deliverables.


Rueburn Liang

Marketing & Project Manager – IHT, ELT & Partnership
Telephone: +65 6557 9230
Mobile: +65 9126 9164
General: +65 6557 9166
FAX: +65 6557 9188