4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014

Global Gas & LNG Summit Series

4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014
Main Conference 13 – 14 May 2014
Pre-conference Workshop 12 May 2014
Post-conference Workshop 15 May 2014
Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

– Diversifying dynamics of LNG demand & supply trade and economics of development –

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GGLNG2014 (The 4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014) will be hosted in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago from the 12nd to 15th May 2014. Neoedge is proud to announce the succession of the last 3 years of Global Gas & LNG Summit in the United Arab Emirates and Trinidad & Tobago. This year brings you the second phase of the Trinidad & Tobago LNG Series focusing on the dynamics of trade, spot markets, KPIs for LNG operations, economics and technologies of LNG facilities, regulation and nationalism trends, gas/LNG for electricity generation, monetizing stranded gas through small to mid scale LNG, contracts and gas pricing. Our decision to re-host Trinidad and Tobago came after much demand to acquire a platform to identify the growth and dynamic of changes that are currently ongoing in the region.

The summit will feature key gas & LNG experts from the Americas and global arena – sharing expert insights and analysis of best practices for LNG construction, regulatory movements, economics of LNG, investments in a growing market, manpower education as well as curbing risk involved for these developments.

What you can expect from the Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014:

  • Stand alone case presentations by top notch speakers from various emerging and established gas & LNG players in the Americas and the global arena
  • Interactive Panel Discussions of key themes
  • Open Questions & Answer with delegates
  • Pre and Post Conference Workshops on May 12 & 15
  • Networking platform for Regional and International Gas & LNG Players
  • Exhibition area
  • Cocktail Reception
  • Lucky Draw at the end of Main Conference
  • Awards for Best Speaker, Best Delegate & Chairperson


The following key themes on Gas & LNG will be addressed in-depth with Case Studies:

  • US shale revolution and it’s affects on Trinidad & Tobago – how spot markets diversifies exports to Asia, South America and Europe and its effects on commercial pricing
  • Role of Trinidad & Tobago in global gas & LNG market – observing demand and supply trade movements
  • KPIs for LNG facility operations in Trinidad & Tobago and the global arena
  • Regulation and nationalism trends and ways forward for LNG developments
  • Government’s role in encouraging sustainable investments and financing of new opportunities/projects – what are the LNG projects financing challenges ahead
  • Creating economies of scale for large capacity LNG facility – an International Oil Corporation’s perspective
  • Studying the economics of Small to Mid Scale LNG plants to meet local and regional energy requirements
  • Capitalizing, commercializing and monetizing stranded gas and flare gas for a sustainable economic growth
  • Project economics and risk management for local and international LNG supply chain
  • Power generation economics, technologies, regulations and policies as well as the future of gas to power generation
  • Powering fleets/ships using LNG and its benefits – environment implications, cost and regulations – defining the difference with other fossil fuels
  • Developing Floating Storage and Regasification Vessel – converting power generation from high-cost, high-emissions imported oil to cost-effective, cleaner burning natural gas
  • Identifying new transport and infrastructure solutions to the global gas & LNG demands
  • Diversifying countries energy fuel mix with LNG – keeping environment in mind and creation of jobs
  • Financing structures and experiences on structuring deals on gas and LNG projects – a case study
  • Examining legal and commercial issues surrounding investment of gas & LNG projects
  • Feasibility studies for the selection of suitable technologies for new terminals/expansions
  • Examining patterns of oil pricing and its effects to global gas & LNG pricing today – is it possible to forecast gas and LNG pricing in the coming years?
  • Environmental impact assessment for onshore and offshore gas exploration – Life-cycle greenhouse gas analysis of LNG and implementation of gas flaring level policies for producers globally
  • Securing long-term LNG supply contracts for a sustainable gas for power generation and closing the gap between energy needs and supply as well as its decision making process
  • Analysis of key indications of energy generation, fuel and price
  • Unconventional gas vs conventional gas

Pre-Conference Workshop on 12May 2014

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Post-Conference Workshop / Site Tour on 15 May 2014

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For the full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com. Please indicate subject title “4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014″.

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Why Attend

Learn from expert practitioners and high profile delegates in the global gas & LNG market today!

NEOEDGE is proud to announce its 4TH ANNUAL GLOBAL GAS & LNG SUMMIT 2014 on the 13rd and 14th May 2014 in Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago. This summit is an impactful series of 3RD ANNUAL GLOBAL GAS & LNG SUMMIT held in Port of Spain in 2013. We will be exploring in-depth insights of major domestic and international markets addressing the best strategies, approaches, techniques, innovations as well as the current and future market of gas & LNG in the recent economic, social, environmental and political conditions. This summit will also serve as a platform for all national, international and independent companies to network and share business ideas and experiences.

Recognizing such emerging business potentials and pressing challenges, the Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014, carefully researched and organized by Neoedge in Singapore, will provide all international and local companies an in-time and efficient platform of learning, networking and partnership building for your corporate advantage in the increasingly vibrant and fierce market.

For more details on delegate fees, event brochure, sponsorship and speaking slot, kindly send us an email to rueburn@neo-edge.com or call us directly at +65 6557 9230. Please indicate subject title “4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014″. 

Past Testimonials

“Neoedge has provided the opportunity for sharing oil and gas and LNG knowledge in a global context”

– Commercial Analyst, Atlantic Trinidad & Tobago

“Excellent Work”

– Strategic Business Development Executive, Lennox Offshore Services Limited, Trinidad & Tobago

“A value added summit on a value added topic”

– Managing Director, Utilities Aruba

“The summit was very organized and the ambience was excellent”

– Engineering Professional, PDVSA INTEVEP, Venezuala

“The LNG Master Class provides brilliant insight on the LNG technology and commercial chain”

– Gas Regulation Advisor, NERSA, South Africa

“I attended two courses organized by Neoedge and both were worth attending as the contents, presentations and arrangements were remarkable

– Senior General Manager, Sui Southern Gas Company, Pakistan

“LNG eye opener. Indeed it was interesting and worth participating”

– Gas Trader, Borkir International, Nigeria

“This course optimally provided me knowledge of LNG operations and management that will help me to understand the background of party I will negotiate with when purchasing LNG”

– Senior Manager, Indonesia State Electricity Company

“I have attended events organized by Neoedge which have been quite educative especially the workshops. The trainers were very competent and knowledgeable”

– Senior General Manager, Sui Southern Gas Company, Pakistan

“A wonderful conference with carefully selected speakers. It was an amazing 2 days.”
– Petroleum Engineer, NNPC NAPIMS, Nigeria

“Very interesting and worldwide experience.”
– Commercial Manager, OLT Offshore LNG Toscana, Italy

“They were excellent!”
– Director Coal Gas Policy, Department of Energy South Africa

“A good and comprehensive conference which allow participants to interact with the trainer and fellow participants.”
– Project Development Manager, Genser Power, Ghana

“My attending this conference has greatly enriched my understanding of the dynamics of Gas and LNG in the global economics. It is very rewarding.”
– Technical Advisor, NNPC-NAPIMS, Nigeria

“Neoedge has been wonderful in providing key knowledge and skills to the natural gas and LNG industries.”
– Anonymous

“This was excellent participatory summit. I would recommend it to all those involved in LNG.”
– GM Regulation, ECB

“The company was prepared to consider pricing options that made it possible to attend and is most appreciated.”
– Manager, Banzi Geotechnics

“This is my first encounter with Neoedge and they have been wonderful with their organizational skills & hospitality”

“You are a client oriented business system.”
– DM Reservoir Management

“The workshop was great and highly informative”

“This exposes Neoedge as an experience company in organizing beneficial workshops / seminars & courses for the oil & gas industry.”
– GM Materials, NAPIMS

“The Africa Gas & LNG was well package with good industry facilitators. Very educational for Africa Gas & LNG operation and government policy formulation.”
– Chief Project Engineer, NNPC/NAPIMS

“It has been a knowledge filled conference and it was worth while to attend.”
– Engineer, iGas

“In-depth materials and relevant issues addressed on gas & power business in Africa.”
– DM Plant Monitoring & Maintenance, NAPIMS

“This programme is well organized and very relevant to the operations of NNPC/NAPIMS. Please contact management for further participation.”
– Chief Project Engineer, NNPC/NAPIMS

“Great conference and much information. Quality of speakers provided were very good.”
– Compliance & Dispute Analyst, NERSA


The 4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014 is a high profile conference designed for government officials, global and local directors and senior executives, professionals, thought leaders and innovators from the gas & LNG sector to convene for business discussions, sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and establishing new relationships. Sponsors are provided with an opportunity to capitalize on this global event to send their message across their target audience, to reinforce brand visibility and thought leadership and demonstrate expert solutions.

We can assist your objectives with our sponsorship and exhibition packages which can be tailored to suit your marketing and business strategies.

For more details on delegate fees, event brochure, sponsorship and speaking slot, kindly send us an email to rueburn@neo-edge.com or call us directly at +65 6557 9230. Please indicate subject title “4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014″. 


Global Gas & LNG Summit Series


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