Fuel Management Master Class

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Mastering the essentials of global markets for oil, gas, coal, renewable and strategize your fuel   purchase management

23 – 26 June 2014, Singapore

Official event website: http://neo-edge.com/event-line-up/commodities-supply-chain/fuel-management-master-class/


For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

Some 60% to 80% of ongoing costs for electric generators and somewhat lower percentages for energy intensive industries are made up of fuel. For electric utilities and IPPs fuel purchasing also tends to be the greatest source of troubled relations with vendors and suppliers. It is also an area where in many instances management improvements with little or no capital cost can result in significant cost savings.

Fuel purchasing is a function where it is critical that all levels of management understand the fundamentals of the market. Unfortunately it is also a subject upon which there is a great deal of mythology in the business press with discussions of subjects such as the imminent advent of “peak oil” or “peak gas.” All too often judgment on fuel purchasing is made in response to such media discussion.

The goal of the workshop is to provide an understanding of how global markets for oil, gas and coal work. This involves an examination of market fundamentals: reserves, the cost of production, and demand. Also included is a discussion of how environmental concerns play an increasing role in inter-fuel competition.

The workshop includes an examination of the rise and importance of paper markets in oil, coal and natural gas, first in North America and Europe, and now developing gradually in Asia, Africa and Australia. There is a critical analysis of how price data is gathered for oil and coal and then published and the role which derivative markets play in spot market pricing.

The various factors which play a role in the development of a purchasing strategy will be reviewed. Ultimately the various factors boil down to trade-offs between supply security and price. Utilities with access to nuclear hydro power may have greater freedom to buy more spot coal or oil in times of soft market conditions. In other instances, the existence or absence of local resource may play a major role in shaping decisions about fuel selection and combustion technology. Increasingly government policies driven by environmental concerns are playing a role in fuel selection and efficiency of fuel use.

Fuel contract design and language is a major part of the workshop. We shall examine alternative wording for contract fundamentals dealing with volume and quality. Pricing provisions will be an important part of the discussion. Indexation to published prices, long common in the oil markets is becoming increasingly common for coal in Asia. For almost a decade it has been the norm in the European coal market. Although pricing is increasingly determined by reference to published indices, it continues to be important for the buyer and seller to agree to the details of the force majeure, dispose resolution and termination provisions. As well, in order to avoid the risk of disputes and misunderstandings, contracts should carefully define provisions for custody transfer, quality testing and weighing.

The focus of this Master Class will be on fossil fuels purchasing: coal of various sorts, natural gas (pipeline and LNG) fuel oils and if there is participant interest, biomass purchasing can be included. The geographic focus will be South and East Asia, Africa and South America. Experience from North America and Europe will be drawn upon if it is particularly relevant to these other markets. Principals and techniques covered will be applicable to utilities, IPPs, large industrial fuel users such as cement and chemical plants. The Workshop will span a broad range of issues from the primary factors driving global fossil fuel markets and national energy security to the details of drafting effective fuel purchase contracts. Contracted provision language will be drawn from a library of over 300 international fuel contracts. The rising impact on fuel markets of renewables and environmental concerns.



For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

In this master class we will be discussing the market movement of both conventional fuels (Oil, coal, gas/LNG) and renewable resources which are used for power generations. We will explore many purchase strategies and analyse tradeoff between supply security and pricing. Various hedging techniques will be discussed together with the drivers of price volatility. Contracts provisions will also be an area of focus in this master class in order to cope with volume and quality shortfalls.

Global Market Basics:

 We will focus on the fundamentals of supply and demand: the size and location of the reserve base, production costs and the interaction between demand and price. While short-term price changes are often the reaction to geopolitical or financial events it is possible to pick out clues to form an understanding of the longer term direction of fossil fuel prices. An assessment of decades of prices enable a much better understanding how price changes in oil, natural gas and coal impact on one another. Environmental concerns increasingly play a role in fuel selection and inter-fuel competition.

Choice of Purchasing Strategy:

For IPPs the choice of purchasing strategy (mixture of short-term and long-term contracts) is often a product of the security concerns of the banks and the economic needs of the project developers. For utilities the trade off is between price and the need for security of supply (which may vary with season and type of fuel). Other considerations, such as availability of hard currency or a desire to foster regional economic development may also play a role. Industrial fuel purchasing is subject to the price and flexibility needs of the ultimate product produced, e.g., cement, chemicals, pulp, and paper. Many buyers of all types are increasingly using derivative markets to dampen price volatility and to provide greater price predictability.

Prices and Hedging

Trend in recent years for all fuels has been to short term pricing (quarterly or monthly) even in long-term contracts. Energy indexes are attracting increasing interest from regulators in the US, Europe and Asia. This is accompanied by the rise of paper markets for all fuels. There is a great importance of paper markets in Europe and the US and gradual development of derivatives trading in oil and coal in Australia, Singapore, China, etc. In the midst of this new financial legislation in the US (Dodd-Frank) and proposed in Europe will alter derivatives trading globally.

Major Contractual Provisions

Experience shows that things go unexpectedly wrong in many medium and long-term fuel purchasing arrangements. The goal is to build a contract structure which is not only fair to both the buyer and the supplier but also robust enough to withstand the numerous problems which will arise during the course of a long-term business relationship. Even spot purchase contracts are about much more than price. Real world outcomes indicate that things frequently can go wrong: mines flood or have strikes; trains derail; and coal loaders break down; natural gas fields have unanticipated production problems. Contracts should cope with all of the volume and quality shortfalls in the product that can be anticipated. There should also be clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms which allow for timely settlement of contentious issues.


Attendee Profile

All those involved in the Fuel Management Programme
  • Contract / Lawyer / Legal executive.
  • Business Development
  • Fuel Marketing Executive
  • Government Energy Regulators/Auditors
  • Project Financier
  • Policy analysts
  • Fuel Supply Planner
  • Energy company planners
  • Energy intensive industry managers
  • Corporate planners
  • Regional development specialists

For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

From the following industries:

Fuel Suppliers (Fossil AND Renewable)
  • This entire workshop focuses on the contract and rationale governing Fuel Management Programme. Understand Buyer decision making process and it translate into the contract and negotiation phase. In an interactive mode, it will navigate through important provision of a Fuel Supply Contract. Manfred Raschke has worked on energy projects worldwide since 1987.
Companies with substantial amount of Fuel usage
  • Many industries uses fossil fuel as primary means of energy generation in their production/manufacturing process. Learn how you can streamline your decision making process, and garner substantial saving on your fuel cost.
Electric Company Executive
  • IPPs and Utilities utilize large amount of fuel to meet the rising energy demand in Asia. This workshop covers every relevant aspect of your undertakings on Fuel Management: We will also compare the usage of conventional fuels and their renewable counter part. All key contracts, the comparative experience distilled from more than 50 countries worldwide. This is adapted specifically for the Asia.
Ministry officials and Energy Regulators
  • This workshop covers select aspect confronting Ministry and Country Energy Regulators; Fuel Supply Security, regulatory incentives, and many more.
Bank and Financial Institutions
  • This workshop will show the economic reasoning behind fuel/energy supply project. Understand how their performance and contract formation can impact your risk assessment on decision to lend. Understand where are your “loaned” money going to, and its implications.
New Ventures
  • For entities evaluating entry into Fuel Supply business, but does not know what are its pitfalls and challenges, this workshop will present and dissect the business from conception to operationally ready state.

For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 


Trainer Profile

The trainer has 32 years of experience in project development and market analysis in global fossil fuel markets. He has been involved with every type of fossil fuel (including orimulsion and oil shale) in some 50 countries and six continents. In Asia, where most future growth in fossil fuel demand is expected to occur, he has been involved with mine and generation projects in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mongolia. Dr. Raschke’s experience in fuel purchasing and mine development has been enhanced through serving as an expert witness in numerous litigation and arbitration assignments dealing with commercial terms and conditions in fuel supply agreements. He is currently   writing a book on the future outlook for fossil fuels.

Prior to starting his private consultancy, the trainer was with Dun & Bradstreet Technical Economic Services (VP, Energy Group. Cambridge, MA), Temple, Barker & Sloan (Associate, predecessor of Mercer Consulting. Lexington, MA)

Academically, he has had Post-graduate fellowships and research grants at the Academia Britannica, Rome, Italy; British Institute, Athens Greece; German Academy, Cairo, Egypt; Oxford University, Oxford, U.K.; and the India Office, London, U.K. He has held Teaching Fellowship and Professorship at various institutions (UC Davis, CA; Duke, NC; and Harvard, MA). He holds an Economic History PhD from Harvard.


Hotel Information

Hotel Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore

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For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

Fuel Management Master Class

Fuel Management Master Class


Global Gas & LNG issues to be discussed in 4th GGLNG series

Diversifying dynamics of LNG demand & supply trade and economics of development

GGLNG2014 (The 4th Annual Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014) will be hosted in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad & Tobago from the 12nd to 15th May 2014. Neoedge is proud to announce the succession of the last 3 years ofGlobal Gas & LNG Summit in the United Arab Emirates and Trinidad & Tobago. This year brings you the second phase of the Trinidad & Tobago LNG Series focusing on the dynamics of trade, spot markets, KPIs for LNG operations, economics and technologies of LNG facilities, regulation and nationalism trends, gas/LNG for electricity generation, monetizing stranded gas through small to mid scale LNG, contracts and gas pricing. Neoedge decision to re-host Trinidad and Tobago came after much demand to acquire a platform to identify the growth and dynamic of changes that are currently ongoing in the region.

The summit will feature key gas & LNG experts from the Americas and global arena – sharing expert insights and analysis of best practices for LNG construction, regulatory movements, economics of LNG, investments in a growing market, manpower education as well as curbing risk involved for these developments.

Recognizing such emerging business potentials and pressing challenges, the Global Gas & LNG Summit 2014, carefully researched and organized by Neoedge in Singapore, will provide all international and local companies an in-time and efficient platform of learning, networking and partnership building for your corporate advantage in the increasingly vibrant and fierce market.
Global Gas & LNG Summit Series




About Neoedge:

Neoedge Pte. Ltd is a business media company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities.

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Neoedge successfully launched Executive Learning Tour Programme

14th April 2014 (Singapore) – Neoedge, a Singapore based company, has successfully conducted a 5 days Executive Learning Tour in Malaysia with delegations from the Republic of Ghana, compromising from the Ministry of Roads & Highway, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Finance.

The delegation, led by Honourable Adjei Isaac-Mensah, Deputy Minister of Roads & Highways, MP for Wassa East constituency, Western Region, was welcomed by Unit Kerjasama Awam Swasta, PPP Unit of the Prime Minister’s Department in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The Ministry of Works, Malaysia Highway Authority, UEM Group, PLUS Berhad and Infrastructure Department from Penang State Government, with presentations from Zenith Consortium BUCG, have also extended their hospitality to host the delegation.

The 5 days programme aims to build a long term relationship with stakeholders of Public Private Partnerships, PPP in short. The role of PPP aims for private sectors is to play an important role in stimulating economic growth, with the public sector ensuring overall macroeconomic stability and a conducive environment for both foreign and domestic investments.

Some photos taken during the programme:

1977380_757305057637254_6271558040247561567_n (1)











The above event is for in preparation of an upcoming new and exciting conference on “Africa PPP Investment & Development Summit 2014”, organised by Neoedge Pte Ltd Singapore. The conference will take place in Ghana on the 21st to 22nd October 2014.

Africa PPP Public Private Partnership Investment & Development Summit 2014

Africa PPP Public Private Partnership Investment & Development Summit 2014

Official Event website: http://neo-edge.com/event-line-up/strategic-managment/africa-public-private-partnership-apids-conference-2014


About Neoedge:

Neoedge Pte. Ltd is a business media company that aims to serve the corporate world with integrity and excellence by providing cutting edge business intelligences and creating high value networking opportunities.

Neoedge is your long term corporate business partner. For more information about Neoedge, visit www.neo-edge.com

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Oil & Gas Portfolio Optimization and Management

O&G Portfolio Optimization and Management

Oil & Gas Portfolio Optimization and Management

19 – 21 May 2014, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Official event website: http://neo-edge.com/event-line-up/energy-utilities/og-portfolio-optimization-and-management-kl/


Current industry challenges revolve around companies spending time, effort and resource on long driven planning cycles. Major oil and gas companies with large and diverse portfolios spend a large portion of their time collecting and processing data.

  • By attending this workshop, participants would gain practical insights on how to “make advanced portfolio planning and optimization decisions” using industry best practices?
  • Participants can also gain knowledge on how to manage data efficiently and take informed decisions by applying advanced “Portfolio Optimization” techniques like Genetic Algorithms and Linear Programming techniques.
  • The workshop will also help companies gain insights from a Palantir developed, novel portfolio optimisation process that combines advanced optimisation methods with a corporate objective filtering.


For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to enquiry@neo-edge.com

This course will be an interactive workshop. It will reaffirm a variety of petroleum economic principles including key metrics, fiscal systems, risk analysis and investment analysis. We will emphasize the impacts of various fiscal regimes on investment decisions. Upon analyzing the different fiscal regimes, we will then evaluate the exploration economics and the practical approaches to optimize your assets.

Practical applications and conceptual understanding of various models and processes in portfolio management and optimization will be discussed. The course objective is to make participants confident in the application of portfolio tools and processes and how these can sensibly be incorporated in their organizations. The instructor-led course will utilize interactive examples and discuss industry best-practices.


Key Course Modules

Topic 1: Valuation of Upstream Assets

  • Module 1: Project Economics, Key Metrics and Analytical Tools
  • Module 2: Overview Upstream Fiscal Regimes
  • Module 3: S.E. Asia Fiscal Regimes Analysis
  • Module 4: Economic Modeling and Asset Valuation
  • Module 5: Probability and Uncertainty
  • Module 6: Exploration Economics

Topic 2: Portfolio Optimization and Management

  • Module 1: Importance of Portfolio Optimization
  • Module 2: Corporate Planning for Portfolio Analysis
  • Module 3: Role of Decision Analysis in Portfolio Management
  • Module 4: Risk Modelling
  • Module 5: Portfolio Modelling
  • Module 6: Exploration Portfolio
  • Module 7: Portfolio Management Tools
  • Module 8: Portfolio Optimization
  • Module 9: Practical Portfolio Management Techniques
  • Module 10: Creating Portfolio Insights

Attendee Profile

The course is a must attend for O&G professionals who are looking for in-depth insight into O&G economics and portfolio management/optimization. Professionals directly involved in the strategic decision making, economic evaluation, M&A and investment will find this course particularly valuable.

Job Title includes but not limited to:

  • CFO/Investment Directors
  • Corporate Planning Directors/Managers
  • Petroleum Economic Managers/Economists
  • Business Planning Managers/Specialists
  • Commercial Directors/Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • E&P Managers


Trainer Profile

Robert Minson

Mr. Robert Minson
Principal Consultant and Manager
Australian Operations, Palantir Solutions

Robert heads up Palantir’s Australian and New Zealand operations where he is a Principal Consultant. Robert is a Certified Engineer with over 10 years’ experience in the Oil & Gas Industry spanning the construction, midstream and upstream sectors. Before joining Palantir he worked as a Petroleum Economist and Development Engineer for an Operator with assets in the UK North Sea, Norway, Egypt, Algeria and Russia. Since joining Palantir, Robert has worked as a consultant for clients such as GdF Suez, Wintershall, Afren, Svenska, Vitol and Woodside providing advisory, project management and training services relating to Petroleum Economics, Corporate Business & Strategic Planning and Portfolio Management.

He has a B.E. (Hons) in Mechatronic Engineering from the University of Adelaide, Australia and Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering from the Ruhr Universität Bochum, Germany and is a member of The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) and The Association of German Engineers (VDI).

– See more at: http://neo-edge.com/event-line-up/energy-utilities/og-portfolio-optimization-and-management-kl/#sthash.TKwM8UvT.dpuf



Mr. Raj Sen
Principal Consultant and Director
Operations Asia Pacific, Palantir Solutions

Raj heads up the Palantir Asia Pacific operations where he is a Principal Consultant. With 18 years of diverse oil and gas industry experience, Raj has a proven track record of consulting on successful projects at over 25 E&P companies across 15 countries around the world. He has been consulting in IOCs and NOCs, most recently Santos, Mubadala, Talisman, Hess and Chevron.

He has extensive knowledge of portfolio management as well as fiscal modelling and has a particular interest in decision and risk analysis. As an energetic trainer Raj has developed and delivered training courses in petroleum economics, decision tree analysis and petroleum optimization to over 1000 petroleum professionals across the globe.

He has consulted in more than 15 countries and presented papers. He has a B.A.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, Canada and MBA for Mt. Eliza Business School, Melbourne, Australia.

– See more at: http://neo-edge.com/event-line-up/energy-utilities/og-portfolio-optimization-and-management-kl/#sthash.TKwM8UvT.dpuf

Hotel Information

The Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur

No.5, Jalan Conlay, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Oil & Gas Portfolio Optimization and Management 2014

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