Mastering Pricing and Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts Master Class

Mastering Pricing and Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts Master Class


“A unique chance to get an appreciation of pricing in International Gas and LNG Sales Contracts , of the Price Review provisions that are now almost mandatory, and how disputes in this area can be resolved.”

This course is designed for gas industry professionals worldwide, those working in gas producers, buyers and sellers, and those advising investors contemplating development projects in the gas and LNG sectors of the energy industry. All of whom need to thoroughly understand and master the detail of product pricing and in particular the Price Review that has now become a regular feature of gas and LNG sales. In many regards, the Price Review is now key to the future price that the Parties will see in gas and LNG sales contracts. Attendees to this workshop will immensely benefit from ethe extensive knowledge of one of the leading Commercial Experts in this field who is currently heavily engaged in resolution of disputes in this area.

For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to Please indicate subject title “Mastering Pricing & the Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts”.

This course is specially structured in 13 modules:



Who Should Attend

Attendees will come from leading or emerging companies and authority bodies in the gas and LNG sector of the energy industry. They will include professionals working in commercial, legal, finance, and regulation roles, including, but not limited to:

  • Negotiators
  • Legal Counsels/Advisors
  • Contract/Agreements Managers/Specialists
  • Buyers, Sellers & Distributors of Wholesale Gas
  • Traders
  • Bankers and Insurers
  • Finance Managers/Controllers
  • Treasury Executives
  • Business Development Managers
  • E & P Professionals/Managers
  • Officials of Government Regulatory authorities
  • Investors
  • Project Managers/Coordinators
  • Project Owners
  • Engineers
  • Operation Managers
  • Corporate & Administration Professionals
  • Strategists and planners
  • Auditors

Why You Should Attend this Master Class

Companies that have participated in previous rounds of gas and LNG courses organised by Neoedge Pte Ltd and The Energy Contract Company include virtually all of the majors such as: Gas Supply Pte Ltd Singapore, Energy Market Authority Singapore, Keppel Energy, YTL PowerSeraya Pte Ltd, Pertamina, PT BPMiGas, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Tbk, PT PLN, PT Kaltim Methanol Industri, Kebabangan Petroleum Operating Company, Petronas, INPEX, Petronas Carigali, Malaysia LNG, ONGC, Gail India, Gujarat State Petronet Ltd, PetroBangla, IHS, Petrovietnam, CNPC China, Guangdong Dapeng LNG, China Light & Power, Itochu Japan, Daewoo International Corporation, National Petroleum Company of PNG, Cifal Elan Petroleum Ltd, Department of Energy Philippines, SOCAR, BP, Shell, ChevronTexaco, Chevron Gas & Midstream, BHP Billiton, Hess Group, ENI, OMV, TOTAL, BG Group, Lukoil Overseas, Sakhalin Energy, RWE DEA, Woodside Energy, Santos, GLNG, Qatar Gas, ADNOC, Dolphin Energy Limited, QalhatLNG, Danagas, Dolphin Energy, Ministry of Oil & Gas Oman, ENOC, Margham Dubai Establishment, Kuwait Energy Company, Compañía Operadora de LNG del Perú, BG Bolivia Corporation, UTE Uruguay, Quantum do Brasil, Industrial Consulting Colombia, Energy Consulting Services Argentina, ANCAP Uruguay, TECNA Brazil, Comisión Nacional de Energía Chile, Atlantic LNG, National Gas Company Trinidad & Tobago (TT), Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs TT, Repsol LNG TT, Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Ministry of Energy & Mining Jamaica, Jamaica Public Service Company Limited, Office of Cabinet Jamaica, Office of Utilities Regulation Jamaica, National Commission of Hydrocarbons Mexico, Grupo Terra, Pan Caribbean Bank, PetroSA, Sasol, South Africa Gas Dev, NNOC, Nigeria LNG, Brass LNG, NNPC, Angola LNG, TPDC, Ministry of Energy & Minerals Tanzania, etc.


Testimonials for Past Master Class Conducted on Mastering Pricing and Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts

“Excellent course and organization”
OMV Gas & Power

“The training have answered and touched on all areas of concerns in the gas & LNG industry”
Manager, PGN, Indonesia

“Thank you for improving the knowledge of people in the complex interplay of demand with supply in the world gas trade”
Marketing & Commercial Development Manager, Brass LNG, Nigeria

“Tony has an excellent knowledge of the subject matter& more importantly current market conditions”
Senior Project Manager, iGas, South Africa

“This workshop is good and well organized”
Senior Project Engineer, iGas, South Africa

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone involved in the gas & LNG industry”
Contract Department Manager, CMH, Mozambique

“Very good course and I’ve learned a great deal. Much appreciated!”
Senior Commercial Analyst, National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago

“Excellent program, extremely valuable for oil & gas professionals.”
Senior Administrative Coordinator, PeruPetro S.A

“This course is well organized both in terms of the quality and depth of the information. The style is easy to follow and the real life experiences shared by the trainer are all relevant and inspiring.”
Manager Generation Planning and Procurement, Jamaica Public Service Co. Ltd

“The tremendous knowledge and experience of the trainer was remarkable. It was a great experience to have been able to learn about pricing and price review in the gas industry from such an expert.”
Associate Professional, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Trinidad & Tobago

“Top Class Master Class!!!”
Managing Director, Utilities Aruba

“The course was well executed and provided well all the needed information on developing trends in the LNG and natural gas industry.”
General Counsel, Office of Utilities Regulation, Jamaica

“An excellent programme! Very relevant and a must attend event for natural gas industry analysts, policy makers and LNG marketers.”
Senior Energy Analyst, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Trinidad & Tobago

“Excellent course! Content was extremely relevant and of sufficient depth. Extremely well organized and a very knowledgeable instructor who is willing to share his knowledge.”
Manager Hydrocarbon Allocation and Market Intelligence, Atlantic LNG Trinidad & Tobago


For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to enquiry@neo-edge.comPlease indicate subject title “Mastering Pricing & the Price Review in Gas & LNG Contracts”.




Africa PPP Public Private Partnership Investment & Development Summit 2014

Main Conference 21-22 October 2014
Pre-conference Workshop 20 October 2014
Post-conference Workshop 23 October 2014
Accra, Ghana

Official event website:


– Making Deals and Developing Win-Win Strategies between the Private and Public Sector –

Following the success of various workshops on PPPs that we have been running across Africa in the past 3 years, Neoedge is proud to announce the maiden edition of Africa PPPs Investment and Development Summit 2014 (APIDS 2014) in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.

Public Private Partnerships is vital in addressing the infrastructure challenges that Africa face, however it has to be administered correctly. Projects bankability, capacity building and government commitment are the few must have in every successful PPPs.

In this summit we will be gathering senior officials from public sectors across the globe and PPPs experts from the global arena. Our hope is that capacity will be built as international best practices are demonstrated in various case studies. At the same time we believe that this summit will be an excellent platform for both public and private sector to explore potential collaborations in meeting Africa needs via Public Private Partnerships.

The following key themes on Public Private Partnership will be addressed in-depth with Case Studies:

  • Latest update on PPPs project globally
  • Latest PPPs trend in Africa – uniquely Africa
  • PPPs application for transport sector (road, rail, airport, ports, etc)
  • PPPs application for social infrastructure sector (school, hospitals, etc)
  • Water and power sectors (utilities)
  • Financing Infrastructure Projects and Project Finance
  • Alternative Finance
  • Crafting feasible deals
  • Bankability of PPPs projects
  • Legislative framework and government support
  • PPPs procurement and fraud prevention
  • Project Management
  • Contract Managements
  • Tariffs and regulations
  • Risk Identification, Mitigation and Management

For more information (Agenda/Delegate fee/Sponsorship/Speaking slot), please send your detailed contact information to Please indicate title “Africa PPP Investment & Development Summit 2014“.

Why Attend?

Africa is unique. It is crucial to understand the continent where the economy has boomed for the past decade. As the economy boomed the needs for infrastructure growth is inevitable. Partnership with the private sector to meet these infrastructure demand is given, however the question is whether the project will be able to meet the needs of public sector and commercially viable for the private sector. The opportunity is huge if we can strike a balance between public needs and commercial viability of a project. This is what we are trying to achieve in this summit.

For the past 3 years we had received requests from many countries in Africa to a conference that would gather both public and private sectors in order to put everyone in the same page. The Africa PPPs Investment and Development Summit (APIDS) 2014 will provide this platform and enable the discussion needed to get PPPs initiatives in Africa moving.

Ghana has been selected as venue of this summit as the country is in the early stage of PPPs implementation and presents many investment opportunities for various entities with expertise in PPPs.

We are looking at both networking and capacity building through this summit. APIDS 2014 provides many great opportunities for capacity building as various international best practices will be demonstrated through case studies.

For more information (Agenda/Delegate fee/Sponsorship/Speaking slot), please send your detailed contact information to Please indicate title “Africa PPP Investment & Development Summit 2014“.

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Fuel Management Master Class

Fuel Management Master Class - Click image to direct event website.


Mastering the essentials of global markets for oil, gas, coal, renewable and strategize your fuel   purchase management

23 – 26 June 2014, Singapore

Official event website:


For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

Some 60% to 80% of ongoing costs for electric generators and somewhat lower percentages for energy intensive industries are made up of fuel. For electric utilities and IPPs fuel purchasing also tends to be the greatest source of troubled relations with vendors and suppliers. It is also an area where in many instances management improvements with little or no capital cost can result in significant cost savings.

Fuel purchasing is a function where it is critical that all levels of management understand the fundamentals of the market. Unfortunately it is also a subject upon which there is a great deal of mythology in the business press with discussions of subjects such as the imminent advent of “peak oil” or “peak gas.” All too often judgment on fuel purchasing is made in response to such media discussion.

The goal of the workshop is to provide an understanding of how global markets for oil, gas and coal work. This involves an examination of market fundamentals: reserves, the cost of production, and demand. Also included is a discussion of how environmental concerns play an increasing role in inter-fuel competition.

The workshop includes an examination of the rise and importance of paper markets in oil, coal and natural gas, first in North America and Europe, and now developing gradually in Asia, Africa and Australia. There is a critical analysis of how price data is gathered for oil and coal and then published and the role which derivative markets play in spot market pricing.

The various factors which play a role in the development of a purchasing strategy will be reviewed. Ultimately the various factors boil down to trade-offs between supply security and price. Utilities with access to nuclear hydro power may have greater freedom to buy more spot coal or oil in times of soft market conditions. In other instances, the existence or absence of local resource may play a major role in shaping decisions about fuel selection and combustion technology. Increasingly government policies driven by environmental concerns are playing a role in fuel selection and efficiency of fuel use.

Fuel contract design and language is a major part of the workshop. We shall examine alternative wording for contract fundamentals dealing with volume and quality. Pricing provisions will be an important part of the discussion. Indexation to published prices, long common in the oil markets is becoming increasingly common for coal in Asia. For almost a decade it has been the norm in the European coal market. Although pricing is increasingly determined by reference to published indices, it continues to be important for the buyer and seller to agree to the details of the force majeure, dispose resolution and termination provisions. As well, in order to avoid the risk of disputes and misunderstandings, contracts should carefully define provisions for custody transfer, quality testing and weighing.

The focus of this Master Class will be on fossil fuels purchasing: coal of various sorts, natural gas (pipeline and LNG) fuel oils and if there is participant interest, biomass purchasing can be included. The geographic focus will be South and East Asia, Africa and South America. Experience from North America and Europe will be drawn upon if it is particularly relevant to these other markets. Principals and techniques covered will be applicable to utilities, IPPs, large industrial fuel users such as cement and chemical plants. The Workshop will span a broad range of issues from the primary factors driving global fossil fuel markets and national energy security to the details of drafting effective fuel purchase contracts. Contracted provision language will be drawn from a library of over 300 international fuel contracts. The rising impact on fuel markets of renewables and environmental concerns.



For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

In this master class we will be discussing the market movement of both conventional fuels (Oil, coal, gas/LNG) and renewable resources which are used for power generations. We will explore many purchase strategies and analyse tradeoff between supply security and pricing. Various hedging techniques will be discussed together with the drivers of price volatility. Contracts provisions will also be an area of focus in this master class in order to cope with volume and quality shortfalls.

Global Market Basics:

 We will focus on the fundamentals of supply and demand: the size and location of the reserve base, production costs and the interaction between demand and price. While short-term price changes are often the reaction to geopolitical or financial events it is possible to pick out clues to form an understanding of the longer term direction of fossil fuel prices. An assessment of decades of prices enable a much better understanding how price changes in oil, natural gas and coal impact on one another. Environmental concerns increasingly play a role in fuel selection and inter-fuel competition.

Choice of Purchasing Strategy:

For IPPs the choice of purchasing strategy (mixture of short-term and long-term contracts) is often a product of the security concerns of the banks and the economic needs of the project developers. For utilities the trade off is between price and the need for security of supply (which may vary with season and type of fuel). Other considerations, such as availability of hard currency or a desire to foster regional economic development may also play a role. Industrial fuel purchasing is subject to the price and flexibility needs of the ultimate product produced, e.g., cement, chemicals, pulp, and paper. Many buyers of all types are increasingly using derivative markets to dampen price volatility and to provide greater price predictability.

Prices and Hedging

Trend in recent years for all fuels has been to short term pricing (quarterly or monthly) even in long-term contracts. Energy indexes are attracting increasing interest from regulators in the US, Europe and Asia. This is accompanied by the rise of paper markets for all fuels. There is a great importance of paper markets in Europe and the US and gradual development of derivatives trading in oil and coal in Australia, Singapore, China, etc. In the midst of this new financial legislation in the US (Dodd-Frank) and proposed in Europe will alter derivatives trading globally.

Major Contractual Provisions

Experience shows that things go unexpectedly wrong in many medium and long-term fuel purchasing arrangements. The goal is to build a contract structure which is not only fair to both the buyer and the supplier but also robust enough to withstand the numerous problems which will arise during the course of a long-term business relationship. Even spot purchase contracts are about much more than price. Real world outcomes indicate that things frequently can go wrong: mines flood or have strikes; trains derail; and coal loaders break down; natural gas fields have unanticipated production problems. Contracts should cope with all of the volume and quality shortfalls in the product that can be anticipated. There should also be clearly defined dispute resolution mechanisms which allow for timely settlement of contentious issues.


Attendee Profile

All those involved in the Fuel Management Programme
  • Contract / Lawyer / Legal executive.
  • Business Development
  • Fuel Marketing Executive
  • Government Energy Regulators/Auditors
  • Project Financier
  • Policy analysts
  • Fuel Supply Planner
  • Energy company planners
  • Energy intensive industry managers
  • Corporate planners
  • Regional development specialists

For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

From the following industries:

Fuel Suppliers (Fossil AND Renewable)
  • This entire workshop focuses on the contract and rationale governing Fuel Management Programme. Understand Buyer decision making process and it translate into the contract and negotiation phase. In an interactive mode, it will navigate through important provision of a Fuel Supply Contract. Manfred Raschke has worked on energy projects worldwide since 1987.
Companies with substantial amount of Fuel usage
  • Many industries uses fossil fuel as primary means of energy generation in their production/manufacturing process. Learn how you can streamline your decision making process, and garner substantial saving on your fuel cost.
Electric Company Executive
  • IPPs and Utilities utilize large amount of fuel to meet the rising energy demand in Asia. This workshop covers every relevant aspect of your undertakings on Fuel Management: We will also compare the usage of conventional fuels and their renewable counter part. All key contracts, the comparative experience distilled from more than 50 countries worldwide. This is adapted specifically for the Asia.
Ministry officials and Energy Regulators
  • This workshop covers select aspect confronting Ministry and Country Energy Regulators; Fuel Supply Security, regulatory incentives, and many more.
Bank and Financial Institutions
  • This workshop will show the economic reasoning behind fuel/energy supply project. Understand how their performance and contract formation can impact your risk assessment on decision to lend. Understand where are your “loaned” money going to, and its implications.
New Ventures
  • For entities evaluating entry into Fuel Supply business, but does not know what are its pitfalls and challenges, this workshop will present and dissect the business from conception to operationally ready state.

For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 


Trainer Profile

The trainer has 32 years of experience in project development and market analysis in global fossil fuel markets. He has been involved with every type of fossil fuel (including orimulsion and oil shale) in some 50 countries and six continents. In Asia, where most future growth in fossil fuel demand is expected to occur, he has been involved with mine and generation projects in China, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Mongolia. Dr. Raschke’s experience in fuel purchasing and mine development has been enhanced through serving as an expert witness in numerous litigation and arbitration assignments dealing with commercial terms and conditions in fuel supply agreements. He is currently   writing a book on the future outlook for fossil fuels.

Prior to starting his private consultancy, the trainer was with Dun & Bradstreet Technical Economic Services (VP, Energy Group. Cambridge, MA), Temple, Barker & Sloan (Associate, predecessor of Mercer Consulting. Lexington, MA)

Academically, he has had Post-graduate fellowships and research grants at the Academia Britannica, Rome, Italy; British Institute, Athens Greece; German Academy, Cairo, Egypt; Oxford University, Oxford, U.K.; and the India Office, London, U.K. He has held Teaching Fellowship and Professorship at various institutions (UC Davis, CA; Duke, NC; and Harvard, MA). He holds an Economic History PhD from Harvard.


Hotel Information

Hotel Novotel Clarke Quay Singapore

  • 177A River Valley Road
  • Singapore 179031
  • Natalie Poh
  • Sales Manager
  • DID: (65) 64338713
  • Fax: (65) 64338708
  • General: (65) 63383333
  • Email:


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For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject “Fuel Management Master Class”. 

Fuel Management Master Class

Fuel Management Master Class

Human Capital and Talent Management in Oil & Gas

Human Capital GHANA 2014

Human Capital & Talent Management in Oil & Gas Industry Workshop

Holiday Inn Accra Airport, Accra, Ghana

20th – 23rd October 2014

Official Event Website:


While the global economic slowdown may have had an effect on the War for Talent, the issue is still critical to the Oil and Gas sector in Africa due to competitive market for talent and lack of skilled candidates and employees in the sector. Combined with the problem of an aging workforce in Oil and Gas organisations globally, the historic lack of investment in skills and problems with attracting the best and the brightest into the sector is a major issue for organisations that must begin to be addressed now.

This 4 day workshop is designed to help organisations address these issues by exploring both the Human Capital and Talent Management Strategies required in the context of Oil and Gas organisations’ Business Strategy in Africa, and most importantly, help them develop a practical action plan for the development and implementation of a Human Capital and Talent Management Program for your organisation.

The workshop will have a practical rather than theoretical base as extensive use will be made of research and case studies to illustrate practical examples of the development and implementation of Talent Management programs. It will highlight how these best practices can be modified and applied to the specific context of the participants’ organisations in the context of Oil and Gas in Africa.

For full detailed brochure, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject title “Human Capital and Talent Management in Oil and Gas”

Key Benefits

After attending this course, the participants will be able to:

  • RECOGNIZE key human capital and talent management issues impacting on oil and gas industry globally and specifically in Africa
  • IDENTIFY key elements of strategic HR planning and create an outline for Strategic HR plan
  • DEVELOP a Balanced Scorecard
  • UNDERSTAND the principles, purposes and practice of job analysis
  • ESTABLISH your organization’s job description template and a competency framework
  • LEARN how to conduct assessment and development activities
  • ALIGN training and development strategies to your organisations business strategy and culture
  • IMPROVE the strategy and practical action plans for a human capital and talent management program within your organisation
  • DISCOVER effective strategies and techniques that could your organization attract, develop, engage and retain your talents


For full agenda, please email us your detailed contact information to . Please indicate subject title “Human Capital and Talent Management in Oil and Gas”

  • Oil and Gas and the Organisational Context
  • Organisational Strategy
  • Developing a Human Capital Strategy
  • Job Analysis and Design
  • Designing an effective Competency Frameworks
  • Developing and implementing effective Competency Frameworks
  • Assessment and Development
  • Talent Management Strategy
  • Attraction and Identification of Talent
  • Engagement and Management of Talent
  • Talent Retention Strategies
  • Development Processes for Talent
  • Talent Development
  • Implementing a Practical Talent Management Strategy
  • Measuring the effectiveness of your Talent Management strategy

About the trainer

Led by a globally renown expert in Human Resource Development strategies and Management Development programmes with significant international experience throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa in the Oil and Gas industry.

The trainer has an extensive experience in:

HR Process Management and Development, Leadership and Management Development, Sales and Commercial Development, Performance Management, Recruitment and Retention, Succession Planning, Coaching, Change Management, Project Management, Strategic Development, and Personal Development

Oil and Gas clients include:

  • Opet Turkey
  • Qapco Qatar
  • Qatar Petroleum Qatar
  • Dolphin Energy Qatar and UAE
  • Deutsche Babcock Middle East
  • Wasco Energy UAE
  • Petrom Romania
  • Confidence Capital Russia
  • Petrofac global
  • NNPC Nigeria

Recent Oil and Gas client engagements:

  • Designed and delivered Strategic Human Capital Planning workshops for the Energy and Industry sector in Qatar.
  • Project managed and implemented Performance Management training for 15000 employees in Petrofac UK, US, Africa, Middle East and Asia.
  • Designed and delivered HR Planning and Talent Management Strategies in Oil and Gas programme in Qatar, UAE and Europe
  • Designed and delivered Competency Based HR Management programme for Oil and Gas companies in Dubai and Qatar
  • Designed and delivered Talent Management Strategies programme for ADNOC Group companies in Abu Dhabi
  • Created CIPD Certificate in Human Resource Practice Programme for Nigeria National Petroleum Company
  • Designed and delivered Human Capital and Talent Management workshop in Oil and Gas in Johannesburg
  • Designed and delivered Department Head Development programme for Deutsche Babcock Middle East
  • Created and facilitated HR Planning, Talent Management and HR Development Programmes for Oil and Gas giant Petrom, Romania.
  • Designed and delivered HR Business partnering workshop for Dolphin Energy
  • Designed and delivered Department Head Management Development Programme for ADNOC group company, Takreer, Abu Dhabi
  • Designed and delivered Qatarization and Talent Management programme for Qapco, Qatar

Attendee Profile

This workshop is suitable for CEOs, Managing Directors, HR Directors, VPs, Managers, Team Leaders, and Supervisors who:

  • are working in the Africa region in the oil and gas sector who wish to understand the role of talent management in human capital
  • are working in human resources in the oil and gas sector who wish to harness their knowledge and capabilities
  • are involved in HR activities, such as recruitment and selection
  • who have responsibility for decision making at operational, tactical and strategic level in HR or support individuals who needs an understanding of human capital and talent management to inform their role

Hotel Information

This event will be held at Holiday Inn, Accra, Ghana on 20th – 23rd October 2014.

We recommend our delegates to book the hotel rooms early as there are only limited rooms available at Corporate Rate. Kindly contact the following for reservation.

Holiday Inn Accra Airport
PMB CT97 Cantonments
Accra, Ghana
Contact: Mary Danquah Coordinator
Tel: + 233(0)30 2 785 153
Fax: + 233(0)30 2 785 212

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Human Capital and Talent Management in Oil & Gas Industry Training Workshop

Human Capital & Talent Management in Oil & Gas Industry


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Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting

Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting 2014

Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting
17th to 20th June 2014
Novotel Clarke Quay, Singapore

Official event website:


The commercial and operational practices of the oil and gas industry pose unique challenges to accountants who need to operate under multiple reporting frameworks with conflicting accounting methods and with unique contractual arrangements such as production sharing contracts and joint venture arrangements. This four-day course focuses on the accounting issues currently faced by the upstream oil and gas with an emphasis on operations under Production Sharing Contracts. It is intended to provide an in depth look at the accounting for these unique arrangements and helps you and your team put them into practice.

Specific areas treated include:

  • Property, plant and equipment
  • Intangibles and in particular exploration and evaluation activities
  • Oil and gas reserves
  • The challenges posed by impairment reviews
  • Provisions, particularly decommissioning costs
  • Joint venture and production sharing agreements
  • Financial instruments and application of hedge accounting treatments

This course is kept up to date with developments in best practices and evolution of accounting standards.

To access the full agenda, please send your detailed contact information to Please indicate subject title “Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting”.


This four-day course focuses on the accounting issues currently faced by the upstream oil and gas with an emphasis on operations under Production Sharing Contracts. It considers the accounting and financial reporting implications of all the main transactions undertaken in the upstream business, including cost allocation and capitalisation, revenue allocation and the accounting issues faced by joint venture operations and operators of concessions and PSC’s. The course considers both internal accounting issues and financial reporting under US GAAP and IFRS frameworks.

The course will include a wide range of learning and development approaches including:

  • Lecture-based presentations
  • Practice case studies
  • Reviews of relevant financial statements
  • Group exercises and discussions
  • Expert tutor input

To access the full agenda, please send your detailed contact information to Please indicate subject title “Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting”.


The trainer is an accounting and finance professional with nearly thirty years’ experience. For the past twenty years he has specialised in consulting and the delivery of in- house and public financial training delivering programmes in accounting and financial management. During this time he has worked across many sectors and in many countries.

Within the oil, gas and petrochemicals sector he has worked on accounting and performance issues with finance teams from Shell, Saudi Aramco, Tyumen Oil, DuPont and British Gas.

Previously as a senior consultant with PwC he led a team of financial training consultants responsible for developing and delivering programmes in financial management, accounting and shareholder value.

He started his career at PwC, where he worked for eight years in London in their audit and business advisory division where he obtained his chartered accountancy qualification. After qualifying he was seconded for two years to their Paris office. On his return to London from Paris he co-founded the client training business for PwC in London. The trainer now runs a successful financial training company based in the UK and splits his time between managing that business and instructing on Oil & Gas Accounting and IFRS.

The trainer is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales, a member of their finance and management faculty and has an Honours Degree in Economics from BristolUniversity.

Why Attend

The trainer has led numerous oil and gas courses around the world with participation of almost all the leading organisations in oil & gas industry such as Shell, BP, Eni, RWE Dea, OMV, Saudi Aramco, Dubai Supply Authority, Oman Gas, DNO Yemen, NAMCOR, Al-Khafji Joint Operations, Dragon Oil, GAPCO Kenya, NAPIMS – NNPC, TPDC, Pertamina, Department Of Energy Philippines, RAK Petroleum, PTTEP, PetroChina, Petrobras, Tullow Oil and NAPESCO etc.


“The trainer’s training is a big help in identifying the issues to focus on for the coming year!”

– Head of Financial Reporting, an E&P Company in Southeast Asia

“The trainer’s is not only an excellent presenter with comprehensive knowledge in the area of oil & gas accounting, but he has a very detailed understanding in both US GAAP and IFRS. I will definately consider more courses with the trainer in the future”

Head of Accounting, TAQA, UAE

“A well-organized training. The trainer is a good teacher who presents in-depth materials and concrete examples with easy to understand English for full understanding of what was being presented”

Finance & Account Manager, Damagix Nigeria Ltd

“Once again, The trainer’s presentation style and good use of case studies was very well received by our accounts staff”

Accounts Manager, Rak Petroleum


Attendee Profile

 Who Should Attend

The course will be of benefit to all finance and accounting professionals who require an in depth understanding of oil and gas accounting procedures including those involved in the preparation, audit or analysis of oil and gas accounts.

It will particularly benefit:

  • Staff who are taking on increased financial or Accountancy responsibilities including: Chief Accountants, Financial Accountants, Accounting Clerks, Joint Venture and Joint Operating Agreement Accountants, Internal and External Auditors, Financial Analysts from financiers and regulators etc
  • Operations Managers etc from various organisations wishing to improve their understanding of oil and gas accounts.
  • Those accountants, auditors and analysts who are relatively new to the oil and gas industry.

Participants shall have a fair working knowledge of general accounting principles and practices.

Hotel Information

Novotel Singapore Clarke Quay

177A River Valley Road
Singapore 179031
Contact: Corine Yap
Sales Executive
Tel: +65 63383333
Fax: +65 63384266

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Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting

Mastering International Oil & Gas Accounting 2014

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