Local Content Development in the Oil & Gas Industry

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24 – 27 SEPTEMBER 2013

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Key Questions That Will Be Answered by Attending This Workshop

  • How to generate local content infrastructure, agenda and targets
  • Who should have the authority to implement, measure and monitor local content policies and compliance and what are IOC’s undertakings on local content?
  • What measures are taken and mechanisms used to meet local content requirements
  • How to conduct due diligence in monitoring and implementing local content targets performance and realisation of local content should be translated
  • What are the opportunities driving forces, issues, obstacles in nationalising host countries workforce
  • How to overcome the challenges of localisation of workforce and suppliers to satisfy local content requirements and maximize the commercial success of projects
  • How to successfully implement Local Content programs in every stage of the project and integrate Local Content into business plans
  • What best local content strategy should be used to win projects from the host government and NOCs
  • How to transform local content to cost effectiveness, operational efficiency and self sufficiency
  • How to ensure future development and local commitment in areas of operation through long term partnerships with stakeholders and local suppliers and competitiveness throughout the supply chain

To access the full agenda, please send your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com

This course is specially structured in 6 themes:

  • Theme 1:         Understanding Local Content
  • Theme 2:         Managing Risk, Discovering Challenges, & Maximizing the Utilization of Local Content
  • Theme 3:         Objectives, Strategies, Challenges & Implementation of Local Content
  • Theme 4:         Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Vs Local Content
  • Theme 5:         Roles of IOCs, NOCs, HG and its Relationships
  • Theme 6:         Applications of Specific Models in Local Content Development

Who Should Attend

All those involved in the Local Content Development & Implementation in the Oil & Gas Industry:

  • Managers/CEO/Directors
  • Industry Lawyers, Legal experts/Directors
  • Technical Experts/Directors
  • Finance Experts/Directors
  • Commercial Experts
  • Contract Drafters/Experts/Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Insurance Experts
  • External Affairs Experts/Directors
  • Sustainability Managers
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Managers
  • Procurement Experts/Directors
  • Supply Chain Managers
  • Human Resource Managers/Directors
  • Business Analyst/Experts

     Types of Organizations

  • Government Bodies
  • National Oil Corporation
  • International Oil Corporation
  • Service Oil Corporation
  • Independent Exploration & Production Companies
  • Consultant firms
  • Logistic, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
  • Technology/Engineering/Equipment firms/suppliers
  • Investment banks / Investors / financiers / VC / Funds
  • Insurance / Risk management companies

Why You Should Attend this Master Class

  • Local Content is gaining ground in developing nations to boost local economy and promote social and economic development while global trends in local content continue to flourish in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and African and Latin America
  • Socio-economic impact of contemporary oil and gas prices and projects should be well analysed by National Oil Corporations (NOCs) as International Oil Corporations (IOCs) invest in their countries
  • There is a huge demand in higher local content in terms of engineering, procurement, construction, consultancies, technical support and services, and management
  • NOCs are moving to internationalise their market by establishing Joint Ventures (JVs) or Partnership agreement with IOCs
  • IOCs’ training and localization program elevate their projects profile and contribute to the commercial success of projects
  • Local Content is gaining ground in developing nations to boost local economy and promote social and economic development while global trends in local content continue to flourish in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and African and Latin America
  • There is content overload in northern countries while there is nothing to declare on the south
  • Local content is not only seen as a concern to the host states but also to foreign investors and developing countries worldwide
  • Shortages in Oil and Gas Exporting countries create a huge demand for local content
  • The Local Content Workshop will break down and analyse the issues from different angles and provide delegates the opportunity to interact and express their viewpoints and learn from their peers
  • The trainer’s goal for this workshop is to deliver solutions to Local Content Development in your respective countries and organisations

To access the full agenda, please send your detailed contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.com



Event: Africa Mining Investment & Development Summit 2013, Ghana, 9-11 July 2013

Africa Mining Investment V3 (740x80)

Africa Mining Investment & Development Summit 2013

Main Conference 10th – 11th July 2013

Pre Conference 9th July 2013

Accra, Ghana

Developing competitive mining regime based on emerging trends, economic equality and technology development

Keynote Speakers

AMIDS Speakers


As Africa moves forward with their mining development initiatives, global investors are starting to realize the vast potential of this untapped market to greater heights. The resource rich African market are continuously welcoming investors that is keen to unlock and understand the investments and environmental concerns of many African countries.

The Africa Mining Investment & Development Summit 2013 will be held in Accra, Ghana on 9th to 11th July 2013. We will provide insights from various stakeholders, have extensive understanding of the mining and investment potential of Africa, and resolve challenges and barriers that will be encountered along the way. We aim to provide a platform to learn from Africa mining industry’s pioneers and new entrants.

Together with Neoedge’s line of premier conferences, we aim to bring mining industry’s best speakers and delegates. Network with not only the mining and mineral exploration companies but expect to meet regulators, engineering support companies, upstream and downstream mining sector infrastructure development organizations, financial institutions, advisory and consultancy firms.

Make the move towards the next big thing in Africa.

The following key themes will be addressed in depth with Real Examples and Case Studies:

African Market Overview

  • The African Mining Road Map: What has been done and what will be done
  • 3 E’s for policy and regulatory challenges: Explaining, Enhancing and Enforcing
  • Resource nationalism and local content for long term benefits
  • Understanding current legal system and managing through uncertainties
  • Managing taxation complexity and trade barriers

Mining Industry Developments

  • Developing infrastructure and transportation for viable business and society rehabilitation
  • Labour relations and human capital progress in Africa
  • Geological database for ease access to information and enhance productivity
  • Automating mine operations for lesser downtime and better production gains
  • Improving mining logistics for cost efficient and reliable operations
  • Emphasising safety and sustainability in the rising African mining industry

Financial Investment Environment

  • Unlocking the potential of Africa’s mining investment industry
  • Africa’s Mining Financial Trends: Making that “unconventional financing”
  • Surviving volatile commodity price fluctuation for continuous economic growth
  • Financial modelling for mining exploration and production projects
  • Funding new mining investments and expanding existing projects: Opportunities and Challenges

Summit Objectives

  • Understand the current investment situation of major African countries in the mining industry
  • Hear the latest regulatory and policy development straight from government/association representatives
  • Identify the most viable mining frontier markets in the African region
  • Learn the best practices in investing on mining projects direct from the industry experts
  • Maximize the full potential of your mining investments towards profitability
  • Navigate through the fluctuating global commodity market and manage supply and demand trends
  • Benchmark on Africa’s most successful countries in global mining arena
  • Harness the potential of African mining industry through technology development
  • Discuss African region’s development plans from talent development, infrastructure, safety and sustainability
  • Familiarize your self with the legal and taxation regimes

For full agenda, speaking oportunities, sponsorship, exibitions, media partnership, please email us your detail contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.comPlease indicate subject title “Africa Mining Investment & Development Summit 2013”.

Event webpage: http://neo-edge.com/event-line-up/commodities-supply-chain/africa-mining-summit-2013/