Is Human Capital and Talent Management crucial to Oil & Gas Industry?


Talent management is just another one of those pesky Human Resources terms. Right?


Talent management is an organization’s commitment to recruit, retain, and develop the most talented and superior employees available in the job market. While the global economic slowdown may have had an effect on the War for Talent, the issue is still critical to the Oil and Gas sector in Africa due to competitive market for talent and lack of skilled candidates and employees in the sector. Combined with the problem of an aging workforce in Oil and Gas organisations globally, the historic lack of investment in skills and problems with attracting the best and the brightest into the sector is a major issue for organisations that must begin to be addressed now.

Talent management is a useful term when it describes an organization’s commitment to hire, manage and retain talented employees. It comprises all of the work processes and systems that are related to retaining and developing a superior workforce.

What appears to differentiate talent management focused practitioners and organizations from organizations that use terminology such as human capital management or performance management, is their focus on the manager’s role, as opposed to reliance on Human Resources, for the life cycle of an employee within an organization.

Upon extensive research, Neoedge, a Singapore based company understand the importance of human capital and talent management especially for the oil and gas industry. Neoedge recognize key human capital and talent management issues impacting on oil and gas industry globally and specifically in Africa. In partnership with Alistair Redgrave of ALR Learning & Development Limited, HR development strategist with 23 years of experience, a 4 days workshop is launched and designed to help organizations address these issues by exploring both human capital and talent management strategies required in the context of oil and gas organizations’ business strategy in Africa, and most importantly, help the organization to develop a practical action plan for the development and implementation of a human capital and talent management.

Talent management does give managers a significant role and responsibility in the recruitment process and in the ongoing development of and retention of superior employees. In some organizations, only top potential employees are included in the talent management system. In other companies, every employee is included in the process

Talent management is a business strategy and must be fully integrated within all of the employee related processes of the organization. Attracting and retain talented employees, in a talent management system, is the job of every member of the organization, but especially managers who have reporting staff, the talent.

The workshop will have a practical rather than theoretical base as extensive use will be made of research and case studies to illustrate practical examples of the development and implementation of Talent Management programs. It will highlight how these best practices can be modified and applied to the specific context of the participants’ organisations in the context of Oil and Gas in Africa.

The Human Capital & Talent Management in Oil & Gas Industry workshop is a thought provoking workshop that will allow participants to step out of the corporate perspective and see the function in its purest form.

Human Capital Ghana 2014Following the success of various workshops on Human Capital and Talent Management workshop that Neoedge have been running across Africa in the past few years, there has been numerous requests and demand for the event to be held in West Africa. Neoedge is proud to announce that the next run of the workshop will be held in Accra, Ghana, West Africa on the 20th to 23rd October 2014.


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