Contracts Risk Management and Negotiation Skills for the Upstream Oil & Gas Industry, Johannesburg, 27-30 January 2014

Contracts Risk Management

27-30 FEBRUARY 2014

Key Points/Questions that will be addressed by Attending the Workshop

  • Due to the increase of technical uncertainties, market instability, change of regulations, industry projects and contracts are potentially running to the higher risks. If those particular risks embedded in industry contracts, are not properly managed, then they may affect your performance, incomes and revenues
  • Thus risks should be identified upfront before its nature changed to the peril. Preventing and managing risks from the outset will certainly eliminate or at least decrease the possibility of compensating losses and damages which would be resulted if such risks had not been managed
  • The course includes plenty of interactive exercises, and questions and answers and deal with case studies from across the World and discussions
  • This workshop shall certainly upgrade your knowledge and promote your vision to look at the contract’s terms and conditions in industry contracts widely and compressively. It revives the strategic view of the most complicated issues of the industry contracts
  • In this workshop, you are free to challenge the instructor and ask whatever questions that you may have in order to find proper solutions and answers for your day to day management and administration of industry contracts
  • TEFCEL is a comprehensive model to manage the industry contract particularly the most complicated ones
  • TEFCEL first introduced by Dr S N Ebrahimi in a workshop held in London in 2005 and since the such concept has become the predominate lectures and presentations of Dr Ebrahimi in various seminars, conferences, academic forums and workshops throughout the world
  • The TEFCEL stands for Technical, Economic, Financial, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal aspects of each industry contracts
  • TEFCEL is a comprehensive framework which takes into consideration the different aspects of contracts from different perspectives
  • TEFCEL model is based on comprehensive, integrated and life-cycle plan in order to manage multiple aspects of the Contracts particularly in a sophisticated and complicated industries such as O & G contracts
  • TEFCEL has a systematic approach and helps us to gain a better knowledge and understanding of contracts in seven important areas:
    • Technical
    • Economic
    • Financial
    • Contractual
    • Commercial
    • Environmental
    • Legal


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This course is specially structured in 4 days:


DAY 1: TEFCEL Risks of Contracts in Oil & Gas Industry

DAY 2: Contract Risks Identification and Risk Analysis

DAY 3: How to Manage TEFCEL Risks in Oil & Gas Industry?

DAY 4: Powerful Negotiation Strategies for Oil and Gas

**Q&A Discussion between delegates and the trainer throughout 4 days workshop

lecturing the following subjects:

  • Oil and Gas Laws and Contracts,
  • TEFCEL Strategic Management of Industry Contracts,
  • Contract Risk Recognition and Management,
  • Private International Law,
  • General Jurisprudence of Law,
  • International Commercial Arbitration,
  • International Trade Law,
  • Competition Trade law,
  • Law for Professional Project Managers.

Attendee Profile

Who Should Attend

  • Managers/CEOs/Directors
  • Industry Lawyers
  • Technical Experts
  • Finance Experts
  • Commercial Experts
  • Contractual Men
  • Project Managers
  • Contract Managers
  • Insurance Experts
  • Professional working people in the industry

     Types of Organizations

  • Government Bodies
  • National Oil Corporation
  • International Oil Corporation
  • Service Oil Corporation
  • Independent Exploration & Production Companies
  • Consultant firms
  • Logistic, Transportation & Infrastructure Companies
  • Technology/Engineering/Equipment firms/suppliers
  • Investment banks / Investors / financiers / VC / Funds
  • Insurance / Risk management companies

Why Attend

Overview and Why You Should Attend

  • This course will help attendees to learn on how to plan, prepare and manage difficult negotiation in Oil and Gas contracts while taking into account TEFCEL elements (i.e. Technical, Economic, Financial, Commercial, Contractual, Environmental and Legal). The program recognize the vital steps in a negotiation and the principles and procedures of negotiation with HGs/NOCs/IOCs/OSCs
  • Encountering more and more with multidisciplinary issues and intersectionary aspects
  • Necessity to tackle the grey area of practices
  • Necessity to understand, to plan and to manage potential risks in operating contracts and sub-contracts in difficult industries e.g. O & G
  • To manage uncertainties and complexities in today’s economic climate
  • To learn how effectively to manage the contracts, thus, to add and secure values
  • To take preventive measures against contractual allegations, claims and disputes ensure sustainability in the current climates
  • To manage the dynamic changes experienced nowadays in the relationship between different players in the industry such as companies, clients, investors and contractors
  • To properly manage varieties of cooperate formula such as JV, PPP. PA. JOA, Alliances and Consortium
  • To effectively negotiate, conclude and execute different models of contracts such as EC, EP, EPC, BOT, GC, MC, PSC, TSA, PSAC, concession and service contracts
  • To manage not only the project but also a duty of care and great considerations should also be granted to the concerned contract(s)
  • Nowadays, the contract management become as prominently important as the project management
  • However, this unruly horse of contract cannot be administered or controlled on a partial basis or timely manner without having a proper vision and mission for its lifecycle and chain of activities
  • There is a need to consider strategic and tactical issues of industry contracts
  • There is a need to have long term A-Z comprehensive contract management plan

Contracts Risk Management




Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts Master Class (GasNego 2013)

Banner - Gas Negotiation Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts Master Class
JM Apart Hotel
Warsaw, Poland
28th to 31st October 2013

An advanced course for the Oil & Gas Industry on the detail of the contractual arrangements and risk management in gas and LNG sales

Official event website:

Effective training in today’s global gas and LNG market has become an essential need for relevant executives in both the public and private sectors. The worldwide market in Pipeline Gas and LNG has grown rapidly as result of demand and deregulation, bringing tremendous business opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders including government entities, producers, sellers, transporters and buyers etc. High contract value, complicated commercial terms, volatile prices, cultural differences and many other unpredicted risks have made contract negotiating, dispute resolution and risk management more and more challenging.

In response to such industry dynamics, this advanced course provides practical and detailed training, in workshop format, and provides effective guidance in the critical considerations and conditions for successfully concluding Gas and LNG Sales Agreements. The course will enable participants to gain an insight into the way in which Buyers and Sellers view and negotiate Gas and LNG Sales Agreements, and will give participants a detailed understanding of the terms that are important in these transactions.

The course goes on to examine the inherent risks in a Gas or LNG Project, and how these risks are addressed within the Gas and LNG Sales Agreement. Risk assessment is a complex issue, and this course examines it from a commercial perspective, looking at the project structure and identifying how the commercial terms deal with risk in a satisfactory manner.

Based upon a composite of recent contracts, a case study approach highlights all the issues addressed in such contracts, and examines the various alternative means of handling them. It encourages a participative workshop approach and is highlighted by a detailed examination of 1) the terms of recently concluded gas and LNG Sales contracts; and 2) the Risk Matrix of an entire project showing the balance and interaction between its various elements.

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Key Course Benefits


This premier training course has been successfully held since 1994. Presented by a leading firm in Gas and LNG transactions, the course is immensely popular and well attended. It has grown to be held in Singapore, Dubai, Johannesburg, Perth and Trinidad, and altogether is training in excess of 180 executives in the industry every year. Companies that have participated in the previous rounds of this course include virtually all of the major oil and gas companies.


“Well organized and structured workshop.” –Medco Energy Indonesia

“Excellent training workshop on LNG contracts. Very useful and up-to-date.” –Cairn India Ltd

“Useful, professional and focused training course! I appreciated and enjoyed a lot.” –ENI

“This workshop covers a wide range of topics in an orderly, professional and comprehensive manner, and hence very helpful.” –DANAGAS

“The training have answered and touched all areas of concerns in LNG and gas industry. I have gathered all I need to know in this Master Class” – Manager, PGN Indonesia

 “Workshop was excellent!” –BP Migas, Indonesia

“Excellent course and organization!” –OMV Gas & Power

“Excellent Course!” –National Petroleum Company Papua New Guinea

“Thank you for improving the knowledge of people in the complex interplay of demand and supply of global gas trade” –Brass LNG Ltd, Nigeria

“I would recommend this workshop to anyone involved in the gas & LNG industry” –CMH Mozambique

“Neoedge always provides me with something to take home. The quality of presenters are excellent and the Neoedge friendly staff makes their events always a worthwhile experience” –Sasol South Africa

“The tremendous knowledge and experience of the trainer was remarkable. It was a great experience to have been able to learn about pricing and price review in the gas industry from such an expert” –Associate Professional, Ministry of Energy and Energy Affairs, Trinidad & Tobago

“I found the course extremely interesting and able to grasp complex issues, even though exposed only recently with this areas of study”  –National Gas Company of Trinidad & Tobago

“Excellent course. Content was extremely relevant and of sufficient depth. Extremely well organized and a very knowledgeable instructor willing to share his knowledge” –Atlantic Trinidad & Tobago

For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to Please indicate subject title “Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts”.

Who Should Attend

All those involved in gas/LNG production, purchase, transportation and sales, including

  • Government Officials
  • Negotiators
  • Project Owners
  • Project Managers
  • Project Engineers/Planning Engineers
  • Operation Managers
  • Contract/Agreements Managers/Specialists
  • Finance Controllers/Managers
  • Business Development Managers
  • E&P Professionals/Managers
  • Geologist
  • Corporate & Administration Professionals
  • Buyers, Sellers & Distributors
  • Traders
  • Investors
  • Lawyers /Advisors
  • Auditors

 For full agenda, please email us your detail contact information to rueburn@neo-edge.comPlease indicate subject title “Negotiating Successful Gas & LNG Contracts”.